Upper Darby Pa

Upper Darby Pa is the biggest township in Delaware County by population. Upper Darby is also home to the famous tower theater A very historic music venue that sits on 69th street and was built in the 1920s. This densely populated township offers all types of different housing. The housing varies from Philadelphia style row homes along with single family homes and larger stone homes. Some homes can be perceived as mansions just by taking a tour down some of the side streets that Upper Darby has to offer. As you get closer to 69th street things start to change. There is a lot of shopping opportunities in the 69th street area where you can find everything from sneakers to car stereo equipment and everything in between. There are a couple notable things that have happened in Upper Darby. David Bowie recorded his first live album at the tower theater. The Movie silver linings playbook was written and filmed throughout Upper Darby.

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